Saturday, February 23, 2013

Brown Pelicans and Sea Lions in La Jolla

We met one of my "Blip buddies" for the first time today. ( for more information about Blip. Sharon picked us up at 10 in the morning and took us to La Jolla to the place along the shore where the brown pelicans live. The males are brightly colored right now because it is breeding season. I wanted to get some photos of them. Right below the spot where they had gathered there was a big rock covered in sea lions. There were more across the bay barking loudly. It was a very active day. People were swimming, snorkeling, and diving. Two groups were kayaking off in the distance. There were people walking on the beach and photographers everywhere. We had a great time taking pictures. At one point one of the baby sea lions climbed up high to where the pelicans were gathered.


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