Saturday, June 11, 2011

June 6: Chateau Pampou - Normandy

Chateau Pampou

Pete in the garden

The Seine

Our room

The interior of the chateau

We picked up cars at the Charles de Gaul Airport and headed towards Normandy. Arvin and I rode with Rick and Judy. We stopped at a chain restaurant called Red Pepper for an odd meal. Arvin an andouie sausage meal that Rick and Judy both tried and hated. I tried it and was indifferent but Arvin loved it. Rick had a potato burger that he liked. Judy and I had what we thought would be a sausage and pasta dish that turned out to have sea creatures, small octopi and squid, a tiny bit of sausage in a tomato sauce over lettuce. I enjoyed the sea dudes but found the sauce bland and not hot enough. Then we went looking for the chateau. We stopped at the Marie of Tornados Sur Seine and got directions that lead us way past the target. But we finally arrived to a decrepit looking, huge white building. Inside we found an amazing faded elegance. The place is like another era captured in time. The place is full of antiques and original oil paintings. Our suite has a bed raised on a dias, a fireplace, two desks. There is plenty of room. The whole place has a musty smell from disuse. How Wade ever found this place I'll never know.

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Location:Rue du Neubourg,Gauville-la-Campagne,France

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