Monday, July 20, 2009

Photographing the paintings of T C Harmer on Samish Island

Today I traveled with my friend Elaine to Samish Island to visit her cousin and photograph their grandfather's paintings. I've been working on a project for Elaine and her family to photograph all the paintings that the family has saved of his work.

Today I photographed 17 paintings. Adding that to those I've already done there are 140 paintings and drawings. This is an amazing legacy of the work of a late 19th early 20th century painter. I've really enjoyed the project. He started painting in watercolor and moved to oil ending in an impressionist style with muted colors and great use of paint. I've learned a lot as I've explored the life's work of another painter.

The photograph is a view from Elaine's cousin Holly and her husband Don's property on Samish Island.

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