Sunday, July 26, 2009

Celebration of Light 2009

Saturday we drove up to visit our friends Larry, Loretta and Xander in Canada. Our plan was to travel from Burnaby where they live to English Bay in Vancouver to see the South Africa fireworks show as part of the Celebration of Light. The weather forecast was for heat and sun. Little did we know what awaited us as we drove to a spot about a fifteen minute walk from the beach. As we walked we heard rumblings of thunder and felt the first drops of rain. We arrived at the beach at 6:30 pm and spent the next four hours getting soaked, seeing the most incredible sunset, watching one of the best lightning shows we've ever seen and enjoying a great fireworks show. The day was totally amazing. Check out the video on Youtube that I took of the fireworks with my little Flip MinoHD camera.

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