Saturday, June 18, 2011

June 17: Last Day at the Chateau

I woke really early and had breakfast alone in a quiet kitchen. Then I took off on a solo walk along Route Port Joie toward the Mairie of Tornados Sur Seine. The sun was going in and out behind the clouds. When I reached the Mairie I walked along the Seine away from our chateau and then turned back to walk along the river home.

Rick and Judy woke and the three of us headed off for Giverny to pick up a miniature that Carol asked us to buy for her. We had a lovely time in the town and ended up buying more miniatures for ourselves. The artist who makes them gave us each a free one as a gift. We stopped in the garden shop and had coffee and pastries before driving home. We met a nice Scottish couple with rescue dogs while we were there.

Arvin joined the three of us and we drove to Poses to see the locks there. The rains and winds came and we made our visit short as we were all very cold.

At the end of the day Judy and I repeated my morning walk. We had a lovely quiet time together walking, taking and taking pictures.

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