Saturday, June 18, 2011

June 16: Wandering Back to the Chateau

We spent a relaxed morning at Les Blotteries. John fed us soft boiled eggs, fresh rolls, bread and a kind of cup-shaped bread that was almost like a cracker. That turned out to be something Rick had had as a child and he was delighted to find them again. The jams and jellies were all home made and the coffee was delicious. We met a young couple from Brussels with their little boy Lucas who were also staying at Les Blotteries. John showed us a new room in the main house that is almost ready for guests. I should say a restored old room as the ceiling beams were old and beautiful as were the stone walls.

We wandered back roads on the way back to the chateau. We stopped at Falaise and visited the walled chateau of William the Conqueror that is in the process of being restored. when we arrived home there was a chicken dinner awaiting us that Wade cooked. It was a good long day.

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