Saturday, March 14, 2009

Glass Paper Weights

I was playing around with my Panasonic G1 the other day and took some pictures of some of our glass paper weights. What makes these special is that three of the four we made ourselves. In December all of our kids and their significant others came for a visit to celebrate Arvin's birthday on December 31. I had arranged a day of working with glass with Ali Hoagland and Will Short. We had a great day and all completed at least one paper weight. I was lucky to do two. Mine are the top photo and the bottom right in the bottom photo. Arvin's is the bottom left. (The other is one we collected a long time ago.) One of the best results of the day is that my son Jason and his wife Meghan are now taking a glass blowing class in Brooklyn near where they live. My brother Dave is planning to be an apprentice with Will and Ali this summer. We really didn't know how great a day of working with glass would be.

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