Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Gift from Pasqualita Pena, Christmas 1945

This black pottery tea set was given to me, Ann, on Christmas 1945 by Pasqualita Pena of the San Ildefonso Pueblo in New Mexico. My parents were at Los Alamos and Pasqualita was one of the two young women who helped my mother with her two young children. I was just shy of three years old that Christmas. The family had visited Pasqualita's family at San Ildefonso and I danced with the children at ceremonies and parties and sat on Pasquita's father's lap pulling his long braids. (All of this is according to my mother as sadly, I don't remember it.) I love this wonderful gift and have always treasured it. Some time long ago the large cookie bowl got damaged. I don't remember when. The rest of the pieces are pristine. The set was made by Pasqualita's aunt Juanita and Juanita's daughter Adelita.

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