Thursday, April 18, 2013

Crow on the deck...

There has been a real change in how the crows are acting ever since they saw me encouraging the seagulls to leave. The crows got it! I was making sure they had food. Now they come right onto the deck and even call for me to put out food for them. They are beginning to enjoy peanuts as well as the usual dog food. This one is cracking a peanut shell to enjoy the nut inside.

The Steller's Jays are still coming to enjoy the peanuts and scold everybody else. I think this may be the one with pink legs I have been calling Pinkhus or Pinky for short. I notice that he has peeling pink skin on his legs and underneath they are black. Wonder if I will be able to recognize him in the future?

This is another of the flock of jays who come to sample our peanuts and hang out chasing each other and scolding.

There are also many little birds including a couple of types of chickadees.

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