Thursday, February 28, 2013

Last day at the zoo

We packed and left our luggage at the lobby desk and headed out for one last visit to the zoo. We hadn't seen the mother and baby pandas yet. We were in luck. They were out and active when it was our turn to take pictures.

Next we walked the panda trail where we saw the baby's father and other animals native to the same region of Asia. We saw some sheep like animals whose name I have forgotten including a mother who was hiding her tiny baby behind her.

From there we wandered up to the polar bear area. There were three bears there, two sisters and a huge fellow who weighed more than the two females combined.

We wandered on to the Grevy Zebras next.


We ended our visit at a pool with many water birds including this African cormorant. After lunch we walked back to our B&B and said goodbye. Time to fly back home.


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