Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Great Day!

Tuesday we began our day quietly at home. At lunch time we headed off to the Colophon Cafe to meet with a group of our artist friends for lunch. Our friend John's paintings are on display downstairs so we all met there to celebrate his art and have fun together. We had a great time.

Arvin and Friend

While we were picking up some supplies at The Greenhouse in Bellingham, the phone rang. It was one of my Blip buddies, "Local Food Lover," letting me know that another blipper, "TerriG," was in town. We all went to Boulevard Park and met for a stroll and some coffee at Woods Coffee. We stayed and talked until a breeze came up and we all got a bit cold. By this time it was six o'clock, time to head home.

Terri, her partner Laurie and Arvin
Terri, Laurie, Cynthia (Local Food Lover), Phil (Pilipo) and Arvin

Arvin, Cynthia, Terri, Liza (dog), Laurie and Phil

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