Monday, April 30, 2012

Mount Charleston Walk

Today we took a long walk up near Mount Charleston in the Spring Mountain National Recreation Area. We took along one of Emmett and Jennifer's three dogs, Romeo. The walk was up the hill through scrub and wonderful pine trees and other dry climate vegetation. Arvin made it up about a mile and then stayed until the rest of us got back. I made it another half a mile on more steep trails. Somebody told us the end of the trail was another half a mile so I headed back down while Emmett and Jennifer finished the walk with Bailey in a backpack and Romeo on leash. Found out later I had almost made it to the end of the trail. No matter. I had a great day anyhow. It was fairly high and the altitude was the reason I came back before the end of the trail. Jen was feeling it too. Bailey took a walk on the trail for part of the hike. She wore the purple shoes we gave Jennifer at the baby shower way back before Bailey was born. Now they are beginning to fit just as Bailey is beginning to walk. She will grow into them and get some more use before she grows out again.


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