Saturday, January 21, 2012

Trip to Seattle

We traveled to Seattle on a very snowy day. We were on our way to Chris and Jyl's house for a visit. The main reason was that Ann had an art show to hang and a reception to attend the next day at the Olympus apartment complex in Seattle. We weren't sure we'd make it given the weather. But we made it safely there and back, hung the show, and had a great time at the reception and visiting our good friends Chris and Jyl.
On the way... Steve driving. Jason in the passenger seat.
 Walk around Green Lake - Chris, Arvin, Jason and Steve

 On the pier with the world's biggest snowman - Steve, Ann, Jason and Chris

 Building an igloo in the park.

Show of Ann's Venice paintings at The Olympus - Carol and Chris

Kinetic sculpture at the Olympus

 Jason playing Chris's guitar and Chris and Jyl's house

Snow turns to rain - view from Chris and Jyl's front window.

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