Tuesday, June 21, 2011

June 20: Miami to Bellingham

We woke early before the alarm in Miami and showered and got ready for our last day of travel. We headed downstairs at 6:15 and grabbed some yogurt before we met the shuttle and went to the airport. There we went to a bagel restaurant and had a delicious breakfast after checking in for our flight. After that we had just the right amount of time to board and take off, no wait time, no hurry.

We got window and aisle seats and were lucky to have an empty seat between us. The flight was easy and took just under six hours. I spent most of the time on my iPad, working on my journal, playing games and reading. The time went fast. I took pictures out of the window as we left Miami and came into Seattle.

We almost gave up our Bellingham seats for $300 each in flight vouchers but in the end they only needed one seat so we stayed on our flight and were home by 4:30 thanks to a yellow cab driver.

We spent the day unpacking and settling in. The house looked good and the kitties were fine. The young cats were delighted to see us and came up for love and attention as soon as we came in the door. Fiona gave us the silent treatment but did eventually consent to getting a bit of loving. Eventually she was her old self demanding attention from us both.

Alissa came by and picked up a small gift and a check. We told her how happy we were with the house and the kitties. We were so glad she was here to take Mehitabel in when she had a problem. She turned out to be fine and I'm pretty sure all she had was stress from her fear that the predators had gotten us. She is perfectly fine now.

All in all it was a great trip. We would have stayed longer if it hadn't meant leaving the kitties longer, being away from friends longer, and coming up with more money. ;-) It was a great trip.
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