Friday, June 3, 2011

June 3: Pere-Lachaise & La Cite

Pere-Lachaise Cemetery

Restorer at work

Carol, Judy and Arvin

Arts & Crafts Metro Station

Notre Dame

My "iced coffee"



Strange flotsam in the Seine

Along the Seine near Pont Neuf

Place Saint Michel

Five of us, Rick, Judy, Carol, Arvin and I, decided to skip museums today and take a more leisurely pace. We took a taxi to Pere-Lachaise Cemetery. We were there to walk and look around, not to seek out the rich and famous. It is very large and has old and recent graves. We walked for a couple of hours and then meandered down the road to a Metro stop. On the way we stopped for a light lunch in an outdoor cafe.

From there we took the Metro to Notre Dame. Our intention was to go inside but there was a huge line. This is a holiday weekend and there are hoards of people everywhere. We stopped near Saint Chapelle for a coffee and some shade and a quiet sit. My coffee arrived and instead of iced coffee it was Irish coffee. So what could I do? I drank it and it was delicious.

Next we took a walk along the Isle de la Cite to the Pont Neuf where we crossed and walked back up by the book sellers. Some were open but many were not due to the holiday. Then we stopped at the fountain in Saint Michel Square and had some ice cream.

Finally we took the Metro home again for a brief rest. We finished the day with dinner at our local bistro called Pepperoni.

Life is good.

- Photos taken with my Panasonic GH1
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Location:Rue Gustave Flaubert,Paris,France

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