Monday, May 23, 2011

May 23: Jongemastate Park & Sneekermeer

Ian and Jerien's garden in morning dew

Jongemastate Park and Bird Sanctuary

Sneekermeer - aka Sneek Lake

I woke early this morning and met Jerien as she was getting ready to bike to work in Leeuwarden. Before breakfast I walked around the garden taking pictures of the flowers and plants covered with morning dew. Ian joined me for breakfast and then he also biked to Leeuwarden to teach a class. Arvin came down and we spent a peaceful morning walking around the village. When Ian got home we all drove off to Jongemastate Park, a park in the village of Raerd (the Frisian name). The park is a bird sanctuary with a huge rookery. The trees were covered with nests and cawing rooks. We also saw two blue herron nests with sitting birds. From there we drove to Sneekermeer or Sneek Lake. Here we walked to the lake where there was a circular staircase view tower. I climbed it and took photos down the stairs and at Ian and Arvin below. Then we went for coffee and cake at the cafe near Sneek Lake.

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