Monday, August 23, 2010

Here come the cats

Fiona, Queen of the Universe, is doing just fine these days. She still loves to play with toys and keeps the younger cats in line. She lets Duma know to back off when he gets too rambunctious.

Duma is still as cute as ever. He's sweet and affectionate and loves to be petted. He gets heart medicine every day and never complains though he can be a bit coy when it's medicine time. But he always stops and lets his mom give him his pill. And he remains healthy thanks to the meds.

Mehitabel is still a wild child. And she, like her brother, loves affection. She comes by the dinner table every night so her mom can pet her. Both she and her brother love to snuggle with their humans in bed at night. These days we can leave the bedroom door open and the cats will sleep near us but won't disturb our sleep.

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